Social Responsibility


APC GROUP is very active with a number of charitable causes with the aim of contributing to society as a whole. To this end it supports many charitable NGOs, including the Cyprus Red Cross and the annual Radiomarathon for children with special needs. 

Moreover, it is the main sponsor of the Dali municipal nursery. The local authorities named i after the company's founder Andreas Panayides in his honour and in recognition of his social contribution. 


For us, environmental issues are a priority and so it was to be expected that we would considerably reduce - and we intend to do so even more - any negative impact of our projects on nature. The natural environment is a legacy that we shall leave to the coming generations, to our children, and we certainly have no right to destroy it. This is why at the Pharmakas and Mitsero quarries we use an advanced water recycling system which recycles most of the water used in the sand washing process, thus reducing water consumption to the minimum. Furthermore, in our ready-mix concrete plants we use a different water recycling system in which water used for washing transport trucks is recycled back to the concrete production process. A seperate recycling process uses reverse osmosis to recycle excess concrete. 

Another environmental policy implemented by the Group concerns the efficiency of resources. One of the prime aims of the European Union is to promote sustainable growth and one of its key aims is resource efficiency. For this reason, Latomia Pharmakas is participating in the EU-funded Quarry Resource Efficiency Demonstration Project which is part of the LIFE+ Environmental Policy and Governance programme. The aim of this programme is the promotion of alternative production methods for bricks, roofing tiles and cement through the use of waste quarry slurry as raw material, thus achieving resource efficiency.