The Group specializes in both the production and laying of asphalt. For this reason we can satisfy every need and serve every project requiring asphalt - be it a motorway, a road, a car park etc. - always meeting deadlines with the utmost efficiency. We carry out such work with two important partners: Prometheas Asphalt Ltd and Pharmakas Kedris Asphalt Ltd. 

Prometheas Asphalt Ltd produces asphalt at its two self-owned plants in Nicosia which cater to the whole of the Cyprus market. Their objective is to produce high quality asphalt while strictly meeting clients' deadlines. The company was established through the collaboration of the most important construction companies on the island: A. Panayides Contracting, Cybarco, Chapo, GCC and Latomia Pharmakas.

Pharmakas Kedris Asphalt Ltd, which has been a member of APC GROUP since 2006, focuses on the supply and laying of asphalt. The company owns asphalt-laying equipment that uses the very latest technology in which it is continuously investing, and as a consequence, it is constantly raising its productivity levels and increasing sales thanks to its experience and expertise.