The demand for aggregates and other quarry products, ready-mix concrete and asphalt concrete for new construction and project maintenance is growing daily, together with a need for quality in the various construction projects throughout the country. Having predicted this development a long time ago, APC GROUP took timely action in the sector and entered the market for aggregates, concrete and asphalt with Latomia Pharmakas (Pharmakas Quarries), which has been involved in quarrying activities since 1986.

Latomia Pharmakas plc was founded in 1986 as a private company. It became a public company in 1999 and was floated on the stock exchange in 2000. In 2005 it was purchased by Gerik Investments Ltd, was delisted from the Cyprus Stock Exchange and became a member of APC GROUP.

Through Latomia Pharmakas, APC GROUP owns tree quarries: the Pharmakas diabase quarry, the Politiko diabase quarry and the Mitsero limestone quarry.


Our quarries produce aggregates of the highest quality, armourstone and paving stone. The main features that make them stand out are:

The quality of the final product (our quarries have achieved CE marking and meet the strict standards of the Cyprus Public Works Department); the quality of raw materials (all quarried material can produce high quality final products with high trade value); the quantity of raw materials (we have huge quantities of raw materials and a significant area of private land around the quarry zones, ensuring we can extend the quarry zones for at least 50 years); armourstone for marine works (our quarry at Mitsero is the only quarry in Cyprus that can produce armourstone suitable for marine works, and is the exclusive supplier of armourstone for the Limassol Marina); and paving stone products (our new paving stone factory at Pharmakas Quarry utilizes our own armourstone to manufacture a wide range of paving stone products). The combined capabilities of our quarries enable us to produce virtually all types of quarry products required by the construction industry.